Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Billy Jee V. Belenson

Hello everyone! While campaigning in the classrooms, I was able to interview Students in Action for Values and Empowerment (SAVE) Party Presidential candidate Billy Jee V. Belenson.

He is a BSEE-5 student and the President of the Council of Leaders (COL), an organization created by the CIT-SSG in order to amalgamate the ideas and concerns of campus organizations. Let's take a glimpse of what's on Billy Jee V. Belenson's mind.

Belenson is running for CIT-SSG President "purely of service" to the Technologians and he wants to extend his passion of service to them. He chose not to run for and Electrical Engineering Representative because he sees "a better opportunity" and a "wider scope" of service by being a CIT-SSG President. It is his first time to be running for an elective position in the CIT-SSG as he was only elected by heads of campus organizations as COL President and not by the whole studentry.

As COL President, which also becomes an automatic member of the CIT-SSG and reports to the body every sessions about their activities, he is thankful that being a part of CIT-SSG has made him "more flexible, more strong, improved my public speaking and overcome my stage fright."

He also shrugged of accusations that the elections were of formality sake. He believes that with the CIT-SAVE Party only on the ballot, he "honestly" believe that it means that they see his "worthiness" and so as the CIT-SAVE Party to serve the Technologians.

On the thoughts that Technologians have not interest with the upcoming elections, Belenson admits it is a problem but he is optimistic in encouraging them "to be more pro-active" than be passive. He is also confident that the CIT-SAVE Party will be able to reach the 50% target to get seats in the CIT-SSG.

Belenson also praised his running-mate CIT-SAVE Party Vice Presidential Candidate Bryan P. Merino. He described Merino as "very cooperative and very outstanding" partner which can lead to a success in a Belenson administration.

He also expects a new party or a new person running as an independent will be on the ballot next year, "who want to do the same" as CIT-SAVE Party has been doing but may differ in some aspects or even not at all.

He promises to have a "more active CIT-SSG" and "more pro-students." He vehemently said that he is not the CIT Administration's bet and will never be as he has his "own decisions, own stand and own mind." He vowed to "fight for what is right" both for the Technologians and of the CIT Administration, thus seeking a common ground despite the differences of the two sides.

Be sure to vote for Billy Jee V. Belenson for President and Bryan P. Merino for Vice President and all the SAVE Party candidates this July 22, 2009 at the CIT Gym!

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