Monday, July 13, 2009

Kevin Ray Chua on why only SAVE Party is on the run

Hello everyone! Kevin Ray N. Chua here, CIT SAVE Party Campaign Manager. Instead of lamenting that there is only ONE party running for the CIT-SSG Elections, you should have done your part. You should have challenged the CIT SAVE Party or endorse someone to run against the party even if that person runs as an independent. We were expecting to have a competitive race this year but unfortunately, despite the COMELEC's announcement about the filing of Certificate of Candidacies, no one stood up to the call of service other than the CIT SAVE Party.

We are not CIT administration "pups" and we will not be one. We want to bridge the gap between the students and the CIT admin in order to collaborate on issues that matter to all the stockholders, especially the students.

I hope that this next CIT-SSG election year, this February 2010, a new party or a person running as an independent would rise up to the challenge. We too in the SAVE Party share your want for a competitive race.

Thanks a lot fellow Technologians!

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