Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bryan P. Merino

Hello everyone! While campaigning in the classrooms, I was able to interview Students in Action for Values and Empowerment (SAVE) Party Vice Presidential candidate Bryan P. Merino.

He is a BSCE-5 student, a member of the Grievances and Concerns Committee of the CIT-SSG 08-09 and a Civil Engineering Representative. Let's take a glimpse of what's on Bryan P. Merino's mind.

Asked on why he chose to run for the CIT-SSG Vice Presidency rather that for re-election as Civil Engineering Representative, Merino said that he "need another outlet and a set of people." He believes that he has already served well his fellow CE constituents and he wants to "serve more people" and "do more" for his fellow Technologians.

He has also been thankful of the CIT-SSG for opening "a lot of opportunities" and meeting "different students of different colleges and schools." He has realized that as a student, "studying alone is not enough", but you also need to serve your fellow students as well and CIT-SSG is one of those fields.

On the question about why there's only 1 party vying for the posts of the CIT-SSG, Merino said that "it might have been the CIT Comelec's fault", though "they're doing their job, the information dissimenation was still lacking." He also stressed that some Technologians are "not interested and don't want responsibilities" that's why they would rather be ordinary students that be in the CIT-SSG.

As Vice President, Merino said that he will "support the President's good ideas and initiate plans" to be an "effective and efficient leader." One of his plans as VP will be organizing a LAN Games Tournament in the school as suggested by his constituents.

Also, Merino is "75%" confident that next year, a new party or a new person will challenge the SAVE Party. But he cleared that it doesn't mean that SAVE Party has a poor performance as CIT-SSG Officers, but instead "students will be satisfied with the SAVE Party" and some differences in ideas might have them create a new party and join the elections.

He is also optimistic that the SAVE Party candidates will be able to muster the 50% target to avoid another election.

Be sure to vote Bryan P. Merino for Vice President and all the SAVE Party candidates this July 22, 2009 at the CIT Gym!

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