Tuesday, July 7, 2009

SAVE Party ready for 2009 CIT-SSG elections

The Students in Action for Values and Empowerment (SAVE) Party of Cebu Institute of Technology is now on full gear for the July 22, 2009 CIT-SSG Elections. Kevin Ray N. Chua was appointed as campaign manager for the party.

The party is committed in bridging the gap between the school administration and the students. We are composed of diverse people and are ready to serve our constituents, the students of CIT. Carrying the slogan "INTEGRITY, CHARACTER and EXCELLENCE," the party is running on a platform of governance that will empower the students under our watch. We look forward to a more involved studentry under our leadership in order to accomplish our goals on the following things which we are guided:
  1. KINAIYAHAN (Environment)
  2. KATILINGBAN (Society)
  3. KATAWHAN (People)
  4. KULTURA (Culture)
The SAVE Party candidates will be starting to campaign this July 9 to July 18 and will be preparing for the Miting de Avance this July 20.

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